General Information

The Sierra Visa Shooting Range (SVSR) is located on State Route 90 thirteen miles east of Sierra Vista, on the way to Tombstone/Bisbee, between milepost 334 and 335. The range is 1.2 miles south on S. Sharpshooter Lane (a dirt road). The physical address is 3300 Highway 90, Sierra Vista, AZ. 85635. The mailing address is: Sierra Vista Shooting Range, P. O. Box 453, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635.

The range is on 640 acres of land owned by the Bureau of Land Management, leased to Arizona Game & Fish Department and administered and maintained by a coalition of three gun clubs: Sierra Vista Rod & Gun Club, Cochise Gun Club, and Montezuma Muzzleloaders.

All Gun Club officers, Range Safety Officers (RSO), maintenance personnel, match directors and general range helpers are all non-paid volunteers.

When the Public Range is in operation the RSO monitors a cell phone for questions and/or to confirm the range is open. That number is (520) 508-9846.


Public Range Hours of Operation

Monday and Thursday: Closed
Tuesday: 8 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday and Friday: Noon to 5 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 8 AM to 5 PM

Public Range Information

SVSR has nine formal ranges.  Most of the ranges are reserved for City, County, State, Federal and Military law enforcement training and/or for handgun or rifle competition events.

Range #4 is a range open to the General Public on a fee per day basis.  Currently, the daily cost to use the Public Range is $6 / per shooter / per day. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to use the range.

Hearing and eye protection is mandatory for anyone on any range at SVSR, whether you are shooting or not.  SVSR does NOT recommend pets be brought to any of the ranges.  Law enforcement canines are the exception.

SVSR does not allow the use of 50 BMG-caliber rifles nor armor piercing or incendiary ammunition.

When the Public Range is in operation the RSO monitors a cell phone for questions and/or to confirm the range is open. That number is (520) 508-9846.

SVSR does have potable drinking water but you must bring your own cup. We do not sell drinks of any kind, food or snacks, nor ammunition.

Paper targets (bullseye type), foam hearing protection, and safety glasses are sold on the Public Range for a minimum cost. The Public Range loans out staplers with staples to post your target on a range target frame.

The Public Range is a handgun, shotgun and rifle range.  We now have Skeet and Trap on Wed and Sat 10-2.

Gun rentals and ammunition sales are not available at the Sierra Vista Shooting Range.


Target Distances

The Public Range is configured for handgun and rifle use with target distances from 10 to 400 yards. There are handgun and rifle impact berms at 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 yards.

The public is invited to post paper targets from 10 to 200 yards for precision marksmanship practice. Beyond 200 yards each impact berm has metal targets suitable for long-distance handgun and rifle shooting.


Things to Bring to the Range

Hearing protection > one set per shooter
Eye protection > one set per shooter
Water and/or drinks (alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any range)
Bug Spray
Paper Targets
Target pasters (or masking tape)

Optional Items to Bring:
Gun cleaning equipment
Handgun (bench) rest
Rifle (bench) rest
Small sandbag – for rifle/handgun support
Gun rentals and ammunition sales are not available at the Sierra Vista Shooting Range



SVSR hosts a number of handgun and rifle competitions each month of the year! Most competitions are held on weekends on a once-per-month basis. 

Some competitions include: 
Defensive Handgun match 
3Gun Match
Military Rifle match
High Power Rifle Silhouette
Rifle Silhouette
Handgun Silhouette 
Rifle Varmint 
3-gun Matches 
Advanced Scenario Training

Plus, the Range is home to the nationally recognized Ladies Shooting Program and “The Shooting Stars” Ladies team. They offer FREE handgun and rifle instruction for ladies. Debbie Albright is the Lead Shooting Star. Check out their website at:

SVSR has a select number of third-party (non-range affiliated) Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) classes and one-on-one marksmanship instruction is also available for a fee.

Contact the Public Range RSO for more details and to obtain a monthly calendar of events at the Sierra Vista Shooting Range.


Range Membership

The Sierra Vista Shooting Range offers a yearly membership for both individuals and families (husband, wife, and minor children) with an annual range pass. See the Public Range - Range Safety Officer for further details, benefits, and the costs involved.

Range Staff

Steve Manigault, Chief Range Safety Officer
Al Lingo, Chief Operating Officer and Coalition Treasurer 
Walt MacKenzie, Range Scheduling Director 
Debbie Albright, Women’s Program Director 
Karl Welker, Maintenance Director 
Vic Paladini, Maintenance Go’Fer

Volunteers Needed!

We always need certified-Range Safety Officers (we train you!), maintenance personnel (we train you!), and people willing to give back to the shooting sport they love.

Range Rental

Some of the ranges are available for hourly/daily rental if your group has a SVSR-certified Range Safety Officer present during the rental period. Additionally, Sierra Vista Shooting Range has a 1,400 square foot Multi-Purpose Building (with electricity and air conditioning) for rent, for groups that need meeting or training space. It will easily accommodate 150 people. For information please contact Chuck Ostrander at (520) 366-0360.

Gun rentals and ammunition sales are not available at the Sierra Vista Shooting Range.